Aldwark Manor guest praises kind hotel customer service after RTA

Aldwark Manor guest praises kind hotel customer service after RTA


A guest who stayed at Aldwark Manor Golf and Spa Hotel over the Christmas holidays sent us these kind words recently. The letter acknowledges how our staff had showed compassion and exemplary customer service when they realised the guest was visibly traumatised following a minor RTA on her way to the hotel.

The Manager

Aldwark Manor Golf and Spa Hotel

Dear Sir

I am writing to commend your staff during my recent stay at your hotel.

I had booked to stay overnight on Boxing Day. Arrived early evening. Unfortunately I had been involved in an RTA only way there just south of Newcastle. I was uninjured and the damage to my car was relatively minor. Unfortunately my car was less than 4 week-old and the other drivers belligerent, blaming me and shouting at me when it was not my fault. That combination left me upset and shaking.

When I checked in, the young lady realised this and was very kind and understanding. A few minutes after I reached my room there was a knock at my door and a young man brought in a pot of tea for me. He too chatted reassuringly and with understanding.

I was very touched and impressed by there actions.

Unfortunately I don’t know their names but I wanted to congratulate them and the hotel on this example of very kind customer service.

Your sincerely

Mrs H

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